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General Supervisor

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ula M. Al-Kawaz


Assist. Prof. Dr. Hayder Ali Lafta Mossa

Co. Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Dr. Mohammed O. Selman

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr. Waleed H. Yousif                                                  Iraq
  • Prof. Dr. Nahla A. Al-Bakri                                                 Iraq
  • Prof. Dr. Istabraq A. Al-Wasiti                                            Iraq
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Hayder F. Ghazi                                       Iraq
  • Lecturer Dr.Muayad S. Abood                                            Iraq
  • Lecturer Dr.Hayder B. Sahib                                              Iraq
  • Lecturer Dr. Manal T. Mutib                                                Iraq
  • Lecturer Dr.Lubna A. Abd-Alhussain                                  Iraq

Consultant Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr.Saad S. Al-Dujaily                                                 Iraq
  • Prof. Dr. Nidhal A. Mohammed                                          Iraq
  • Prof. Dr. Nawal K. Hussein                                                Iraq
  • Prof. Dr. Safaa Al-Hasani                                          Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Emad M. Al-Ani                                            Malaysia
  • Prof. Dr. Marwan Al-Halabi                                           Syria
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Ahmadi                                                       USA
  • Prof. Dr. Panos Zavos                                                   USA
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Sabah M. Hussein                                Iraq

Executive Editorial Board

  • Assistant Lecturer Wathiq Q. Shakir

§ Assistant Lecturer Hikmat F. Wassef

§ Assistant Lecturer Rana A. R. Al-Saadi

§ Assistant Lecturer Ban T. Sa'eed

§ Mrs. Enas M. Shakir


  • Engineer Noor Sabah Hassan


  • Printed in High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and ART's.